College Scholarship Application

Due: June 23, 2024
1. Completed Scholarship Application (press "Continue" to submit electronic application)
2. Essay
3. Graduation Photo
The Scholarship Application will be submitted automatically.  Please email items 2 and 3 to and
Address (include city/state/zip)
Home Number
Cell Number
Name of College (current)
Location of current College/Univ/Trade School
Graduation Date
Major course of study
Minor course of study
Degree/Trade Earned (ex. A.A., B.S., M.S., etc.)
Next College/Univ/Trade School attending
Location of Next School to be attending (city/state)
If completing studies or graduate studies, what are your plans? Career? Education?
List/describe any activities/events/ministries that you participated in specifically at God Glorified prior to going to college.
List/describe any extracurricular and/or volunteer, church and civic/community services/activities in which you currently participate or have participated in throughout your undergraduate or graduate years.
List/describe any honors and/or awards you have received throughout your college/trade school years.

Please email a copy of your essay entitled:”My Future Goals”, 1-page, typed, double space. Send completed essay to and