The Celebration of Marriage

                                       Deacon Don and Angela Porter
                                        In Charge of Marriage Ministry

God should be the foundation of every marriage and his word should be your guide throughout your marriage. Without God marriage can be full of struggles that may be too hard to sustain. With God all things are possible and because he has joined you together no man or thing shall be able to put it asunder.

There is no effortless marriage. Despite what it may look like to those on the outside, every marriage requires continual work by way of each spouse committing their heart and soul to the cause every day. This means doing what it takes to make the marriage successful. Period. That element is key for any present or future marriage to be strong. It is not like what we see on TV or read in some romance novel. In the marriage, disputes are certain to happen, but to be in opposition or disharmony with your spouse is a choice. You have the ability to choose not to be offended and decide to talk through your issues.

You have to remember that we are all different, we communicate different, and we have different personalities. Take the time to learn your spouse's personality traits and how they give and receive information. Learning to communicate with your spouse on every level and having open and honest conversations are key.

Overall marriage is fun and exciting but a lot of work. Make a choice daily to see the best in your spouse and work together to make your marriage the reflection that Christ would have us to be for others.

Wedding Anniversaries

The sanctity and holiness of marriage under the eyes of God is honored here at God Glorified.  So we will take time to honor each month those couples who are members of God Glorified for another year of marriage.

If you would like to have your marriage recognized for the month of your anniversary, please fill out the form by clicking here.

You are also welcomed to send a picture of you and your loving spouse.  Just email it to