Welcome to the Women's Ministry

God Glorified’s Women’s Ministry

I envision the women of God Glorified fellowshipping together; to build and have long lasting and enduring friendships. We have asked God to knit us together as
ONE, making us so sensitive spiritually, that before a need can be verbalized, one of the sisters is there to meet that need. prayer to God is that we, the women at God Glorified, be that example of true sisterhood and love to the world. Proverbs 31 speaks of the virtuous woman, a woman of excellence that we all are striving to become. Our desire is to be fulfilled and satisfied at our core and able to smile at the future. We want to have that substantive happiness that can not be shaken regardless of circumstance. THIS IS WHAT GOD INTENDS FOR US, AND WE WANT TO BE ALL THAT WE CAN BE IN HIM!


Lady Dorothy Gray,
President of God Glorified's Women's Ministry