History of God Glorified C.O.G.I.C.

In early 2004, Elder and Sister Gray went to California to a prophetic revival.  One night at the revival one of the prophets called him aside and told him that the Lord said, "When you go back to Maryland, look for a place of worship and get God's work started.  What the Lord started in your former Pastor He would continue in you.  If you have to rent, lease or buy, it's time for you to do what God said.  He is going to catapult your ministry."

Shortly thereafter, he came back home and got started on what the Lord told him to do.  Meetings were held at Pastor Gray's home for a couple of weeks with approximately 20 people in attendance.  Pastor Gray told the people about his endeavor to do God's Will, they agreed and applauded.  The Lord also gave Pastor Gray the name of the church out of the scripture:  "Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and nations that know not thee shall run unto thee because of the Lord thy God, and for thy Holy one of Israel; for he has glorified thee."  Isaiah 55:5

God Glorified Church of God in Christ was officially opened on Sunday, September 26, 2004 at Piney Branch Elementary School, 7510 Maple Avenue in Takoma Park, Maryland.  The auditorium was filled with well-wishers.  As he welcomed the guests, Pastor Gray pronounced a prayer mantel on the ministry and declared, "God is going to be glorified in this house.  It's not going to be "Church as Usual."  We're going to move in the spirit of the Lord!  We're going to move as the Holy Ghost will give us to move!"

He said that the Lord was leading him to go down in prayer at the beginning of every service and that's the way it's been ever since... What a glorious service that was!  When the invitation was extended, approximately 88 persons came forward and became members of God Glorified Church of God in Christ.  God continued to bless God Glorified and many souls were added to the church.

In 2007, the Lord blessed the church with the opportunity to march into the edifice located at 111 Geneva Avenue, Takoma Park, Md 20910 and the ministry continued to grow.  To this day, new ministries are being birthed every year and there are ministry areas where everyone can work -- children, young adults and adults alike.

From the beginning it has been Pastor Gray's desire to interact with the surrounding community.  After much prayer and fasting the saints engaged in Prayer Walks and went door-to-door introducing God Glorified to the community.  Prayer Tables are set up at various times and places to minister to the needs of the people.  The Outreach Ministry sponsors outdoor services, taking ministry to the streets.  Each year GGCOGIC actively participates in the Takoma Park Festival held at the Takoma Park Middle School, serving as volunteers and conducting marketplace ministry.  The ministry is fully operational providing transportation for members in the community.  Noon day prayer is available Monday through Friday via conference call (1-218-862-6420, access code: 1198865#) for anyone who desires to spend one hour in prayer.

Pastor Gray has a yearning to bring in many souls so that they can get to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and to help to establish God's kingdom here on earth.  He believes in miracles and wants God's people to understand that with God in us, if we have the faith to believe, God will work miracles in us and through us.