Full Contact

Full Contact Information:

Church Address:
God Glorified Church of God in Christ
111 Geneva Avenue
Silver Spring, MD  20910
Pastor Joseph Gray                          Pastor & Founder                     grayj@ggcogic.org

Elder Claude Henley                          Church Administrator               henleyc@ggcogic.org

Sis. Clayrine Felder                           Office Manager                        clayfeld@verizon.net

Deac. Robert Richardson                 Sunday School Supt.                richardsonr@ggcogic.org

Dr. Jenise Anthony                            Minister of Education               anthonyj@ggcogic.org

Elder Timothy Brown                   I    Minister of Music blknote@gmail.com

Deac. James Bowles                       Technical Consultant                 bowlesjr@ggcogic.org

Deac. James Bowles                           A/V Ministry                              bowlesf@ggcogic.org

Mother Helen Commodore                 Prayer Requests               commodoreh@ggcogic.org

Sis. LaMona Gray                             Announcements                        ggannouncements@ggcogic.org

Please contact the webmaster, webmaster@ggcogic.org if you experience any problems, or have any questions or comments in general.